Our handcrafted items will have some imperfections due to the nature of the item being handmade and not precision machined.  Our kākahu have been made with utmost care but again, as handmade items there may be some imperfections in comparison to large mass produced machine made products


As a small business and in order to maintain organic growth of our business, Pre-orders are sometimes offered.  Pre-orders are items that are not instock but are either due to be stocked or available for you to order from a sample of products shown online.  Pre-orders are not available or viewable instore. An image or description of the item will be provided along with the estimated timeframe for receiving the item.  Sometimes we are unable to deliver as planned due to factors outside of our control, however, we will keep you updated in an effort to complete your order as soon as possible.


Colours may appear different on your monitor, or can alter depending on the dye batch of products compared to the original image of the item. therefore we cannot guarantee the colours of the image on your monitor will be completely accurate.