Printed on white natural uncoated textured premium 360gsm card stock.

10.5 x 13.5cm with a matching envelope.

Blank inside for your personal message
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The story of Hāpai and Tāwhaki from Māori mythology involves themes of love, separation, and a quest for reunification. A greeting card featuring this story could be suitable for various occasions that involve sentiments related to love, reconciliation, and journeys of the heart. Here are some occasions where a Hāpai and Tāwhaki-themed greeting card could be appropriate:

  1. Apology and Reconciliation: If you're seeking to apologize or make amends with someone after a disagreement or falling out, a card featuring Hāpai and Tāwhaki's story could express your desire for reconciliation and the journey to mend the relationship.

  2. Anniversary or Love Renewal: For couples celebrating their love, particularly on anniversaries or special milestones, a card depicting Hāpai and Tāwhaki's story can symbolize the enduring nature of their love and the journey they've shared together.

  3. Wedding or Engagement: A card with this story could be used to congratulate a couple on their engagement or upcoming wedding, emphasizing the love and unity they are about to embark upon.

  4. Relationship Challenges: If someone you know is going through a tough time in their relationship, a card featuring this story can offer encouragement, reminding them that love can overcome obstacles.

  5. Long-Distance Relationships: For couples in long-distance relationships, the story of Hāpai and Tāwhaki's separation and quest for reunification can resonate with their own experiences.

  6. Love Letters: If you want to send a heartfelt love letter to someone you care about, a card with this story can convey your deep emotions and commitment.

  7. Birthdays and Special Occasions: Use this theme for the birthday or special occasion of someone who appreciates mythology and storytelling.

When using a greeting card with this story, consider adding a personalized message inside that connects the story's themes to the specific occasion or relationship you're celebrating. This will make the card even more meaningful and relevant to the recipient.

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